• Virtual learning is an alternative to the traditional, face-to-face learning experience. Certified teachers meet online with students to teach lessons, lead discussions and provide personalized learning support. Full and part-time virtual learning programs are available to all eligible students. In addition, virtual learning days can be implemented for all students as an alternative to snow days.

    Virtual programs provide learning opportunities through any combination of live lessons, small group and individual instruction, and independent coursework. Successful students demonstrate motivation to learn, effective time management and self-advocacy skills, readiness for independent learning and technology proficiency.


  • MOCAP offers K-12 students equal access to a wide range of high-quality courses and interactive online learning that is neither time nor place dependent. Because virtual instruction can be an effective education option for some students, there may be courses available either through a district-provided virtual option or through MOCAP.


  • The enrollment process varies depending on virtual program choice, the number of courses the student will enroll in, and the presence of a student IEP. Please read this section in its entirety for details regarding each enrollment process, and contact your school counselor if you have any questions about virtual enrollment.

    Full-time enrollment in a MOCAP program for students without an IEP

    Please enroll by contacting the virtual provider directly if the student:

    • is enrolling full-time in a virtual program through a MOCAP provider, including Launch

    NOTE: Students participating in full-time virtual learning through a MOCAP provider will be required to enroll in the virtual program's host district and may be unenrolled from Valley Park School District. Graduating seniors enrolled full-time in a virtual program would receive a diploma from the host district and not Valley Park School District. Please check the host district's graduation requirements prior to enrolling.

    Enrollment for students with IEPs, part-time virtual enrollment, and St. Louis Virtual Campus enrollment

    Fill out the appropriate request form below to begin the approval and enrollment process.

    VPSD Virtual Learning Request Form


St. Louis Virtual Campus partners with St. Louis County school districts to provide an option for students who wish to access their learning virtually. The program allows high school students expanded access to course offerings and scheduling flexibility.

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